Sree Mookambika Temple

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As per Hindu belief the Dwaja Sthambham (Flag mast) in a temple is as important as a vertibra in a human body. When ever the Dwaja Sthambham (Flag mast) is installed in a temple, it acts as a protection shield for the locality and entire people who live there and showers prosperity. It is the abode of the Vahanam of the God and proclaims the presence of the temple by its very heights and presence. People who can not reach the temple, see the Dwajam, a holy symbol of the god/ godess even from long distance and bows their heads before it. It is as holy as the IDOL.
This temple which is more than 500 years old is being provided with all the infrastuctural facilities required for a great temple (Mahakshethra). After having completed seperate sanctum - sanctorium for Sree Maha vishnu, Maha Ganapathi and Sree Durga outside the Mookambika Nalambalam, the only ambitious step and left out task for the Trust was the installation of a "Flag Mast".
Also it has been the cherish of the devotees to install a flag mast in the temple so as to elevate the temple, like other Mahadevi Temples of eminence in the state of Kerala. The trust inspired by the noble ideal evolved a plan for the same and inititated action in all sincerity to make the dream come true. Incredible !! But true,  Funds were flown in from a noble soul who wanted to remain in anonymity.
With this funds thus made available and with the co-operation of the forest department, a teak wood pole was purchased, suitable for the purpose and cured it in the manner as traditionally mandated. The installation of the flag mast was done successfully on March 20th, 2011. Subsequently the mast has been encased in ornate cylindrical copper pipes of fixed length as ordained traditionally for which funds were again made available to us by the same devotee. In addition to this, further funds were once again donated by him for making a steel rod fencing (boundary) in a fixed length and breadth of measurement, around the flag mast. Now the installation of the Divine mount atop mast is to be done. The ceremonies aligned to installation as well as the expenses of the Naveekarana Kalasam (a compulsory temple ritual to be done every 12 years) will entail an estimated amount of Rs. 10 Lakhs. Trust will make untired efforts to make every moment of the ceremony momentous. The installation of Divine mount atop mast is scheduled to June 30th 2012.
However, the trust can not by itself do it. It is straped for funds. Funds are therefore to come from devoted worshippers in a never ending stream into the coffers of the trust.
The trust would be ever grateful to all devotees who by their participation as well as by contribution befitting ones capacity to make the vision a reality.
- Sree Mookambika Religious & Charitable Trust